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We lay the foundation for success and a lifelong passion in learning - the Journey to College graduation begins in Preschool!

About Us

We provide quality early education to Preschool children ages 2 to 5 years old in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment. 
Our highly effective teaching staff is dedicated to providing our students with developmentally appropriate hands-on learning experiences that spark student curiosity.  We support students in their development of social-emotional skills, language, early math and problem solving skills.  
We take great pleasure in our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom where children learn to love, explore, respect and investigate the natural world around them. 
Our expectation is that our students love school and learning, learn to be independent thinkers, grow socially, emotionally, mentally and physically in our safe, nurturing and engaging program.
Jaime Escalante Early Education Center lays the foundation 
Whether you are a first-time visitor or are already a member of our school community, I encourage you to explore the Jaime Escalante Early Education Center website, (https://escalanteeec-lausd-ca.schoolloop.com/) discover the activities and programs happening in our classrooms. Come see our welcoming school community and feel the excitement and energy our children emulate every day. Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance. We are here to help you and, most importantly, to help your child be successful!
Thank you for choosing Escalante EEC and allowing my team and me to work with your children each day.
Ernestine Lara - Principal

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Join us from June 26 – July 25 and make the most out of this year’s Summer of Learning. Summer programs include instructional support, expanded learning, specialized programs and virtual enrichment.



Our Mission

We, the staff, parents, and community at Escalante Early Education Center are loving and dedicated individuals. We work together, care for one another, trust each other and enjoy a safe educational environment with our children.
Through stimulating activities, children are given choices and opportunities to develop their creativity, independence, and logical thinking skills so they may become leaders who make appropriate decisions in life and succeed.
Escalante Early Education Center is a rich educational environment where all children, staff, and parents are welcome, respected and treated equally, and where everyone works together in an effort to make each child's preschool years an enjoyable experience that will build their self-esteem and enhance their educational journey.
Our Center is an inviting place where children can participate and interact in a beautiful, clean environment with age-appropriate materials that challenge, encourage, motivate and build upon each child's individuality.
When staff, parents, community members and children communicate with each other and respect each others feelings, it builds the foundation for continued positive experiences in the learning process.
We strongly believe:
Children will succeed if parents are involved in their child's education.
Curiosity is good because it enhances knowledge and leads to discovery.
A family/community works best when ideas and knowledge are shared.
A rich environment with positive interactions and praise amongst parents, staff and children to be life long learners.
When parents are regularly informed about their children's educational growth it establishes trust in staff and the school program.
When a bond is created between parents and staff, it promotes a relationship, it builds confidence on the program which allows parents and teachers to openly communicate.